Background Checks

Go Beyond the Interview…

Urine Good Hands, LLC is a third party administrator providing professional background checks on prospective employees. Our highly trained and experienced investigators are dedicated to providing your company with the most accurate reports in a timely manner so that you can evaluate the qualifications, character and integrity of the applicant.

Create a More Reliable Workforce

Find out about who you’re about to invest your company’s resources in.

Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Protect your long-term investment when hiring employees.

Reduce Fraud, Theft and Violence

Research whether your applicant has a history with a pre-employment background check.

Reduce Costs of Hiring and Firing

Reduce the resources to screen applicants to save you time and money.

Increase Safety and Security

Screening potential employees ensures your business can operate in a safe, secure workplace for all.

Improve Reputation of Your Company

Employees reflect the  business. Ensure you hire those who will be quality representations of your business.

Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Knowing you’re hiring quality employees increases the odds that your future employee will be at work, on time, from the first day.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations

Is the person you’re about to hire put your company at risk due to his/her criminal convictions?

Company Vehicle Protection

Does your potential employee have a valid Driver’s License?