Tenant Screening

Employment, Income and Credit History

Ensure your tenants have the ability to pay their rent on time.

Social Security Trace and Verification

Review of the historical and logical connection between applicant the SSN they provide to you.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search

Would it be nice to know if a Sex Offender is living in your property?

Eviction, Bankruptcy, Lien and Judgment Search

Find out about your future tenant’s history through our Civil Search.

Terrorist Search

Could your potential tenant be on one of 18 government watch lists?

Death Master File Lookup

Has your tenant created a new identity using a deceased’s information?

Criminal History Search

Does your computer generated background check search all 50 states? We do.

Professional References

We contact the applicant’s stated references to ensure accuracy.

What's the importance of tenant screening?

Tenant screening provides a safe and healthy environment to current tenants and the surrounding community while protecting your assets.

Why choose us?

Our goal is reduce damage, crime, and noise that unruly tenants bring along to our clients. We achieve this goal by providing our clients with the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive report available for their potential tenants. 

Computed-generated vs. Trained, Licensed Investigator

Standard background checks are computed-generated. They provide basic information on the potential tenant. Our difference is that we assign a licensed investigator to each potential tenant-applicant which provides our clients with a more complete picture of their exposures and liabilities versus a simple, computer-generated standard report.